Portrait Gallery

Page 54.

Design for Livin'!

Morton Hull, Rotarian

President, Henry G. Sears & Co.
Holyoke, Massachusetts

Here's a bit of philosophy I wrote and try to practice. I find in so doing that my path is directed by Rotary signs all along the way:

Me — Worry? No, Sirree!
For I'm the guy I live with, see!
Clulter up my dome wilh woes?
What's the good? Taint sense! I knows!
Each conscious day I just adore,
Plus mem'ries of the day before.
Tomorrow's sure to come in stride,
Without my bein' notified.
I keep happy at my chore,
And this or that, and a heap lot more;
Simply 'cause I've got no room
To nurse that loafer, Old Man Gloom.
Listen! You! Who fret and stew
Just live today and love it, too.
Every day's that way with me!
Me — Worry? No, Sirree!

Design For Livin'!, The Rotarian, March, 1942, Page 54. (PDF)