My Name's Al

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The most interesting of all Dickens' characters is the school boy who will appear at the Lot Angeles theater this week. Everybody knows him; in fact, every man has been there himself. The great play which is having so much success in New York, London and other great cities is called The New Boy. It is the sensation of the theatrical world. It is full of humor, brilliant with wit and roaring with fun. The New Boy is the husband of the matron of a big, fashionable school. The doctor in charge of it is an old admirer and he wants to marry her. He has willed her his fortune on condition that she does not marry again, He has not seen her for years, imagines her little husband to be the son of her former husband. She does not deceive him. The little man is put into the classes as a boy, and he has a fearful time. He is hazed, dragged out of bed at night, his clothes half torn off, all because they think he is a boy. He is made to sleep with the bully of the school. If you have ever slept with a saw-mill or been left alone with a kicking mule, you can know how the little man felt. The doctor was making love to his wife, and he was kicked about as an ordinary school boy, but he painted

“What's the Good of Anything?— Nothing!”

things red and turned the place into an insane asylum for fun. In the end he saves the doctor's fortune from the villain of the play, gets hugged and kissed by the villain's daughter, who wants tomarry him, and it is all done on the stage before the audience. The play will be here on Thursday, Friday, Sat urday at matinee and evening, December 6, 7 and 8.

Announcements, The Herald, Los Angeles California, Vol. XLIII, No. 52, Sunday, December 2, 1894. (PDF)