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Charles R. Drew

by Charles Alston

Dr. Charles Richard Drew M.D., C.M., Med. D. Sc.

Professor of Surgery, Howard University,
Chief Surgeon, Freedman's Hospital, Washington, D.C.

Recognized authority on the preparation and preservation of blood plasma,
∼ Medical Director of the Plasma for Britain Project, and Director for the collection of blood and plasma for the American Armed Forces.

Charlie Drew was only a youngster in Grammar School when thousands of American Doughboys died in the last war because of lack of adwquate blood transfusion techniques.

Thirty-nine year old Dr. Drew's work in standardizing the preparation of blood plasma, will save the lives of countless United Nations fighting men on battle fronts all over the world.

Outstanding Doctor ∼ Famous Athlete

Ranked among the first five hurdlers in the country

Missed the Olympics by the flip of a coin!!

All America Mention

Along with Paul Robeson, Ned Gourdin, Ralph Metcalfe, Jesse Owens, Charlie Drew was a great college athlete ∼ Four letter man and track captain at both Amherst and McGill. Despite his achievements in Medicine, he recalls his post as coach at Morgan College as “The best job I ever did!”

DR. CHARLES RICHARD DREW, M.D., C.M., MED. D.Sc. - PROFESSOR OF SURGERY, HOWARD UNIVERSTITY, CHIEF SURGEON, FREEDMEN'S HOSPITAL, WASHINGTON, D.C., by Charles Henry Alston, National Archives Identifier: 535693 Local Identifier: 208-COM-230; Creator: Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Domestic Operations Branch. News Bureau. 6/13/1942-9/15/1945.