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A Real Soldier of Fortune who has fought under eighteen flags.

Henry Ronald Douglas Maclver

This is Henry Ronald Douglas MacIver, for some time in India an ensign in the Sepoy mutiny; in Italy, lieutenant under Garibaldi; in Spain, captain under Don Carlos; in our Civil War, major in the Confederate army; in Mexico, lieutenant-colonel under the Emperor Maximilian; colonel under Napoleon III, inspector of cavalry for the Khedive of Egypt, and chief of cavalry and general of brigade of the army of King Milan of Servia. These are only a few of his military titles. In 1884 was published a book giving the story of his life up to that year. It was called “Under Fourteen Flags.” If to-day General Maclver were to reprint the book, it would be called “Under Eighteen Flags.” — Richard Harding Davis

14 Flags

14 Flags - Peruna

Real Soldiers of Fortune, by Richard Harding Davis, © 1906, between pages 24 & 25.