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Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe, 1904.

The following extract from a poem, by Mrs. E. S. Dill, of Wyoming, Hamilton County, Ohio, written for the Christian Standard, is a pleasing tribute to the memory of Johnny Appleseed:

Johnny Appleseed

By Mrs. E. S. Dill

Grandpa stopped and from the grass at our feet, Picked up an apple, large, juicy, and sweet; Then took out his jack-knife, and, cutting a slice, Said, as we ate it, “Isn't it nice To have such applies to eat and enjoy? Well, there weren't very many when I was a boy, For the country was new—e'en food was scant; We had hardly enough to keep us from want, And this good man, as he rode around, Oft eating and sleeping upon the ground, Always carried and planted appleseeds— Not for himself, but for others” needs. The appleseeds grew and we, to-day, Eat of the fruit planted by the way. While Johnny—bless him—is under the sod— His body is—ah! he is with God; For, child, though it seemed a trifling deed, For a man just to plant an appleseed, The apple-tree's shade, the flowers, the fruit, Have proved a blessing to man and to brute. Look at the orchards throughout the land. All of them planted by old Johnny's hand. He will forever remembered be; I would wish to have all so think of me.”

Johnny Appleseed, by Mrs. E.S. Dill, in Historical Collections of Ohio, by Henry Howe, 1904, Vol. 2, Page 487. (PDF)

A slightly different version of this poem appeared as:

Johnny Appleseed by Mrs. E.S. Dill, in Poems on Ohio by Clement L. Martzolff, Ohio Historical Society, 1911, Pages 155-156. (PDF)